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Definitely Dubai на Android iPhone/iPad

Разработчик приложения Definitely Dubai: Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing

Explore Dubai the Smart Way - Go Mobile! Definitely the new way to explore Dubai

Explore Dubai with this unique, easy and fun-to-use location based application. It is a great tool for tourists and residents alike.

· Locate attractions, hotels, restaurants and shopping malls around you

· Find special deals and offers on shopping, stay, tours and meals among others

· Explore what's on in Dubai

· Select from a wide range of activities, the kind of cuisine or restaurant to dine, a shopping mall or spa to relax in and even call directly from your iPhone

· Explore the city with Augmented Reality and let your phone show you the landmarks and offers around you

· Handy features like a currency converter, useful Arabic phrases and important telephone numbers in the city make this application invaluable at all times.

Download it now and enjoy your very own virtual concierge.

The NearMe feature will display shops when used within Dubai city.

Promoted and managed by Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Mark

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Definitely Dubai Definitely Dubai Definitely Dubai Definitely Dubai Definitely Dubai

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