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Pet Inn на Android iPhone/iPad

Разработчик приложения Pet Inn: TOPGAME

Pet Inn

Build A Perfect Pet Inn with Various Animals and Skyscrapers – AppEggs.com

????? Pet Inn ????? Wow! It must be VERY adorable when an place has animals with sounds and skyscrapers!

Declaration of love! Ever think about offering a comfortable place for animals? Come and build a Top Pet Hotel!

In your inn, you can treat many kinds of animals such as puppy, parrot, fish, hippo, lion and some mysterious ones. The purpose of the inn is to take care of th... Read Moreem while their masters are away. Your inn can become more and more gorgeous to attract more animals run around. Also as the height becomes higher than temple,tower,etc, you’ll always be the first to know what famous building it has surpassed.

????? How to play
Want a unique inn of your own style? Use your imagination and it all depends on you! The building and upgrading of your inn is a process of enhancing. What’s more, one type of room is specifically designed for one animal only, for instance, panda only will come when the special room for him is built. More rooms you shall have, higher levels you shall be, more money you can get from the pets that accommodate in the inn. Plus, you can hire staff to provide better service.

????? Visual effects:
Colorful and various backgrounds and figures. Create a totally warm and user-friendly atmosphere for the players.

????? Sound effects:
Stimulated animal sounds and background sounds; feels like being personally at the scene.

????? 8 fantastic features ?????
? More than 80 types of rooms in various shape and size for your option.
? More than 50 different animals to unlock.
? Plenty of professional service staff to hire.
? Various fun rooms for animals to have better experience.
? Distinctive connectors to combine the rooms.
? Collect rent from rooms after a certain period of time, so you can upgrade the inn with more decorations.
? Unlock one or several new animals at each level. Compete with friends and see who can collect more animal cards.
? What’s more: enjoyable background music, and each animal has its unique stimulated sound.

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Pet Inn Pet Inn Pet Inn Pet Inn Pet Inn

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