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Приложения категории Платные

Список игр и приложения iOS/Android категории Платные.

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  • Emissary of War

    The emissary's journey is almost complete! Only a single treaty remains to be brokered and then home to a hard-earned rest. As long as nothing goes wrong…
    Hack and slash your way through legions of mercenaries and monsters that want you dead, as ...
    Разработчик: Cedar Hill Games Inc.


    Design homescreen widgets that look however you like and do whatever you want!

    Unique on any computer: design your own homescreen widgets to do whatever you like!

    Position, size and overlay elements in the drag-and-drop editor. Two views: ful...
    Разработчик: Crafty Apps

    Farm Frenzy 2

    Frenzied, Farming Fun!

    The fun never stops in this thrilling arcade farming sim featuring 90 addictive story-based levels! Indulge in a little "fowl play" as you grow grass, feed chickens, collect eggs and take your produce to market. Spend the mon...
    Разработчик: Connect2Media

    Hungry Shark - Part 3

    Sink your teeth into the most exciting Hungry Shark Yet!

    Hungry Shark Part 3 is the super-addictive sequel to the top selling iPhone game.

    Part 3 contains an underwater volcano complete with an evil genius' secret lair, Enemy Sharks, Massiv...
    Разработчик: Future Games of London

    Hungry Shark - Part 2

    Chomp your way to the top of the food chain in this fast-paced aquatic eat 'em-up. Binge on the beach, trawl the depths and raid the Antarctic to satisfy your appetite. Pick-up-and-play fun with beat-your-buddies online hiscores. Feeling peckish?

    Разработчик: Future Games of London

    Pipe Swipe

    You are the best paint mixer we’ve got! Get down to the factory & start mixing.

    Chippy BM Games

    Menstrual Calendar Premium

    This the Premium version of Menstrual Calendar, with no feature limits and no ads.

    IMPORTANT : BACKUP DATA IN MENSTRUAL CALENDAR FREE BEFORE INSTALL (this is available in the "Settings" menu). You'll be able to import data from free to premium.

    Разработчик: witiz

    SmartBunny2 Chinese Checkers

    Play Chinese checkers against up to 5 computer players on your Android device.

    Chinese checkers (a variant of Halma) is a popular family board game that can be played by two to six people.
    The objective of the game is to place one's pieces (ma...
    Разработчик: OmniG Software Inc.

    Brainy Kids Puzzles

    Brainy Kids Puzzles contains 50 colorful jigsaw puzzles for kids!

    Brainy Kids Puzzles contains 50 colorful jigsaw puzzles that will entertain kids while also promoting spatial skills and word recognition skills. This interactive app allows kids to ...
    Разработчик: Acez Software LLC

    Stranded: Mysteries of Time

    Ever been stranded in time? Solve strange mysteries to survive!

    Is it possible to be stranded in time?

    Uncover strange mysteries in the biggest adventure game on mobile. Solve puzzles to move through time, find clues and hunt dangerous predat...
    Разработчик: Glu Mobile