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Приложения категории Музыка и аудио

Список игр и приложения iOS/Android категории Музыка и аудио.

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  • Ultimate Guitar Tools

    From creators of Ultimate Guitar Tabs, one of most popular Music applications in Android Marketplace! The Ultimate Guitar Tools, now available as a separate application, combines a top-quality Guitar Tuner, Metronome and Chords Library, giving you th...
    Разработчик: Ultimate Guitar USA LLC


    Музыка - Распознавайте песни всего за 1 секунду, просматривайте и покупайте записи, читайте тексты одновременно с песнями, смотрите видео с Youtube и еще многое другое. Пользователи из США могут В ЛЮБОЕ ВРЕМЯ тегировать ТВ-шоу и распознавать мелодии,...
    Разработчик: Shazam Entertainment Limited


    Learn about your favorite artists, find nearby events, and share your music tastes with the Last.fm scrobbler. Optionally sync your Last.fm friends with your contacts.

    Plus, subscribers in the US, UK, and Germany: Your personal radio station on you...
    Разработчик: Last.fm Ltd.


    Discover, hear, connect and share original music & audio with the official SoundCloud app.

    SoundCloud is the world’s leading social sound platform, with hours of fresh new music & audio posted every minute by the world’s largest community of ar...
    Разработчик: SoundCloud

    Piano Pro

    Use this app to learn accurately notes of the piano with realistic piano sound.
    1. Support Full Keyboads of Piano.
    2. Single Row Mode.
    3. Dual Row Mode.
    4. Multi-Touch(Android 2.1 or higher).
    5. Touch pressure detecting.
    6. Re...
    Разработчик: REVONTULET STUDIO


    Songsterr is a tab player app with instant access to 400,000 high quality guitar, bass and drum tabs. You can search tabs by keyword or browse by tags and popularity.

    With Songsterr you no longer need to download tabs from third-party sites or uplo...
    Разработчик: Songsterr


    Pulsate is a simple app which allows you to create musical patterns from randomly colliding circles. Sit back, watch the circles collide and listen to the evolving melodies.

    Please note that Pulsate is designed to run on modern devices and is inten...
    Разработчик: Des Pudels Kern GmbH

    Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords

    Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords – мобильная версия крупнейшего в мире каталога табулатур и аккордов, теперь доступная в offline. Станьте обладателем более 600 000 табулатур + получайте бесплатное ежедневное пополнение каталога!

    • Самые свежие и попу...
    Разработчик: Ultimate Guitar USA LLC

    SKY.FM Internet Radio

    SKY.FM Radio offers over 35 radio channels programmed by passionate channel directors from around the world.

    Find your favorites among the best of each class - be it Rock, New Age, 80s, Smooth Jazz, New Age, Top40, Hip Hop, Oldies, 70s, Reggae, Lo...
    Разработчик: AudioAddict Inc

    Salsa Rhythm

    ? Salsa Rhythm ?

    Master Salsa Timing and Instrument identification using our Interactive Salsa Rhythm Android App.

    Top Features:
    ? Interact with instruments to train your ears to distinguish each instrument
    ? Prac...
    Разработчик: Uri Shaked