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Приложения категории Utilities, страница 11

Список игр и приложения iOS/Android категории Utilities.

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  • ForecaWeather

    Foreca Weather - локальные прогнозы погоды и данные наблюдений для городов на Ваш выбор. Сервис охватывает 140.000 мест по всему миру....
    Разработчик: Foreca Ltd.


    Теперь Bump работает и с компьютерами! Фото, видео, файлы, все что угодно. Просто откройте страницу http://bu.mp в браузере на ...
    Разработчик: Bump Technologies, Inc


    Ask any question and receive 50-100 responses from real people in just a few minutes!

    Get feedback, help others with your opinion, and start a conversation…instantly.

    The Joy of Thumb:
    - Get instant feedback from the Thumb community
    Разработчик: Opinionaided, Inc.

    Measure Master Pro

    The Measure Master Pro for Android from Calculated Industries.

    The Measure Master Pro for your Android Smartphone is built with the same features and functions, and the same core engine that powers the industry-standard advanced construction-math c...
    Разработчик: Calculated Industries


    Tell a story with Diptic by easily combining multiple photos to create a new image. Use Diptic to create a before-and-after series, produce a photographic series, or juxtapose contrasting images.


    • 19 different layouts
    • Snap ...
    Разработчик: Peak Systems

    Ultimate Voice Recorder

    The app records voice memo, reminder/alarm, and calls. You can choose to record all calls automatically or specify phone numbers to record or not to record. Email recordings, attach photo, play, pause, forward/rewind with ease! Copy recordings to des...
    Разработчик: Fingertip Access LLC

    JavaOne 2011

    The JavaOne application provides a comprehensive view of all things JavaOne— the flagship annual conference for Java developers worldwide ! taking place in San Francisco from October 2-6, 2011. Find out what's happening and where at JavaOne ?all of t...
    Разработчик: Pyxis Mobile

    Freedom Jeep Chrysler

    Welcome to Freedom Jeep Chrysler where SAVINGS, PERFORMANCE and PREMIUM SERVICE are all available in one place! Now the good folks at Freedom Jeep Chrysler have made your life easier by allowing you to access all of our information and services from...
    Разработчик: Advanced Mobile, LLC

    ATG Security Systems

    Impress your friends and family into thinking your iPhone has REAL fingerprint security!

    How it works:

    Run the app and then put your device down. When somebody uses your device they will be presented with...
    Разработчик: Angelo Gizzi

    Video Vault

    Скрыть свое видео безопасно!

    Взволнованный, если кто-то видит некоторые видео хранится на вашем телефоне?

    Worry не более того. Video Vault позволяет скрывать ваши безопасно.
    Приложение замаскированный склеп.

    Как это переодетый?
    Разработчик: Manas Gajare