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Список игр и приложения iOS/Android категории Utilities.

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  • Rutaxi Онлайн

    Заказывайте такси сами, без участия оператора по любому из городов «Рутакси» с максимальной скидкой!

    При заказе из приложения Вы получаете скидку автоматически без ввода данных дисконтной карты!

    Чтобы добавить промежуточный пункт в маршрут, ...
    Разработчик: rutaxi.ru

    RPG Random Dungeon Generator

    Have you ever waned to play D&D alone? Now you can using your phone as a DM.

    Have you ever wanted to play D&D alone? Or perhaps your dungeon master didn't arrive for the weekly RPG session?

    The RPG Random Dungeon Generator uses D&D 4e...
    Разработчик: Whatentar Software

    Smart Alarm Clock

    * Probably doesn't work now on new devices. Please give me time to fix it*

    Finds the best time to wake up according sleep cycle monitoring.

    Take your phone to bed at night and the alarm will go off gently right after the last of your dreams s...
    Разработчик: Alexander Kosenkov


    DNB for Android has useful tools designed to make your life that bit easier.

    We can offer you Road assistance, Account balance on SMS, a Settlement Calculator, a Reciept Archive and a Currency Calculator, in addition to Mobile Bank and Telephone Ba...
    Разработчик: DNB

    SkyDroid - Golf GPS

    SkyDroid Golf GPS is an awesome golf app that will help you lower your scores.

    Accurate and reliable, SkyDroid - Golf GPS is the perfect Golf GPS Range Finder for your Android phone. Our simple to use design is used world wide helping golfers get t...
    Разработчик: Paul Goldstein


    Проверка и оплата штрафов в нашем приложении прямо с телефона.

    Shtraffic позволяет:
    + Получить информации о неоплаченных штрафах, зафиксированных на территории республики Татарстан, а также их мгновенной оплаты.
    + Получение информации о шт...
    Разработчик: TIT Group LLC

    Reciva Remote

    Control your Reciva-based internet radio right from the palm of your hand!

    Note: Please make sure your radio's firmware is version V257-a-865-a-348 or later, and that you have your radio's "Wireless Standby" turned on.

    Grace Digital customers...
    Разработчик: PlugPlayer, LLC

    Rotary Phone

    Rotary Phone - Bring your Android phone back to 20th century

    Bring you and your Android phone back to 20th century

    You can experience the old style dialer phone's feeling with realistic graphics and sound effect.

    Version 1.4 Updates:Разработчик: littlehow.com

    Race Monitor

    Race Monitor gives racers and spectators alike, the ability to view live timing from hundreds of races and tracks around the world over the internet, or you can view live timing directly from a MyLaps or Westhold timing system via the RMonitor protoc...
    Разработчик: Karting Coach, Inc.

    Smart Mouth Mobile

    Download the app now free for unlimited member to member calling and texting, Go ahead and call, It's free and it works great!

    Upgrade only pay $19.95 per year to call any land line or mobile phones any where in the world!

    So what make...
    Разработчик: Smarter Apps, LLC