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Приложения категории Kids

Список игр и приложения iOS/Android категории Kids.

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  • LEGO® App4+

    For kids age 4-7 or just a playful spirit. Build your own truck (helicopter blades or legs for wheels optional), bring your cargo to its right destination, and collect coins to earn more parts!
    Use your imagination and building skills with the L...
    Разработчик: The LEGO Group

    Pet Inn

    Pet Inn

    Build A Perfect Pet Inn with Various Animals and Skyscrapers – AppEggs.com

    ????? Pet Inn ????? Wow! It must be VERY adorable when an place has animals with sounds and skyscrapers!

    Declaration of love! Ever think about offering ...
    Разработчик: TOPGAME

    Bubble Pop

    Простая игра в разбивание пузырей. Выбирайте группы, состоящие из 2 или более смежных пузырей одного цвета, и разбивайте их. Чем больше пузырей вы разобьете одним щелчком, тем больше очков вы получите за каждый пузырь....
    Разработчик: SPElements

    Piano Cats Free

    Meow out your favorite song on a keyboard made of kittens!

    This music hall has gone to the dogs since these animated kitties arranged themselves to imitate a piano keyboard!

    Each kitty is well tempered, well behaved, eager to please, and in ...
    Разработчик: Uptown Arts

    I Love Music

    3D I Love Music Live Wallpaper is simple and 3D live wallpaper.

    This application is supported by ads and need permissions!

    TO USE: Home -> Press MENU -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers -> 3D I Love Music Live...
    Разработчик: bitand


    This app will let you watch every Garfield Comic in English or Spanish. You will be able to:
    - Zoom in/out
    - Cache comics for faster loading
    - Pre-cache comics for even faster loading. It will download some comics near the one you see in ...
    Разработчик: Kenzilab

    Airport Mania: First Flight HD

    Pack your bags for a trip through the skies in Airport Mania! Travel through 8 amusing airports while you land a variety of planes, purchase upgrades, and avoid delays. Stay on your toes as some planes carry precious cargo and will need to land in a ...
    Разработчик: Lemon Team

    My first puzzles

    Kids from 2 to 6 will have fun solving their first puzzles.

    With 14 different puzzles, nice sound effects, beautiful graphics, this game will entertain your children while improving their motor skills.

    This game is part of your "Learning is...
    Разработчик: AR Entertainment

    Turbo Cricket

    Time to turbo-charge your shots! Be the ultimate batsman! Play Turbo Cricket

    Put on that helmet, strap on those pads and get ready to heat up the pitch with some deadly strokes and shots. Challenge yourself by choosing your wickets and beating your...
    Разработчик: Games2win.com

    Doodle Fit

    "It’s easy to toss out the word “addictive” in reviews of puzzle games, but this one really is." - AppleGazette



    Your mission is simple: fit sets of blocks into provided shapes. Drag the blocks up, down and all aroun...
    Разработчик: Gamelion Studios