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Приложения категории Strategy

Список игр и приложения iOS/Android категории Strategy.

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  • Battleheart

    Our very first hit mobile game, Zombieville USA, has now been unleashed on Android as well! Go check it out!

    ** Note to Samsung Users - some "Galaxy S" devices cannot download this app due to its size exceeding 30mb. Please be aware of your devic...
    Разработчик: Mika Mobile

    Castle Warriors

    Castle Warriors is a tensely fought RTS game that uses simple touch controls.

    Castle Warriors is a tensely fought, tightly paced RTS game set in a landscape that gently tweaks all those fantasy tropes from the games of yore. Lead your armies agains...
    Разработчик: GameResort


    Catan 3.0: “Cities and Knights” expansion (IAP) now available, numerous optimizations to base game!

    "Catan", the legendary strategy game provides gaming fun anytime, anywhere.
    True to the original game, you can compete with up to four players f...
    Разработчик: USM

    Paradise Island

    Оторвитесь от дел, постройте свой солнечный остров!
    Пришла пора построить свой бизнес? Тренируйтесь! Богатые туристы вот-вот доберутся до ваших солнечных пляжей. Развлекайте их в казино и аттракционах, ресторанах и дискотеках! Постройте свою импе...
    Разработчик: Game Insight International

    Tank Riders

    WANTED: Able-bodied recruits to fill a number of sudden... vacancies in the 153rd tiny tank battalion. Only the finest, bravest and buffest need apply. In return, we offer all the honour and glory you can eat, and a tiny, little tank of your very own...
    Разработчик: polarbit


    Waves of monsters are attacking your castle. They move fast, strike hard, and never give up. It's time to equip your BOW to fight! Can you defend your castle against intruders with your archery?

    How to play?

    # Touch screen to shoot arrows. Разработчик: DroidHen


    Battleflood is a simple yet very addictive tactical game based on flood-fill algorithm. Plenty of options are available to make the game as fast-paced and competitive as one would like....
    Разработчик: The 10th Wave

    Magic Gem

    Classic elimination game, 4 modes, more fun, more challenges.

    Search "wuzla" have more fun!

    The best jeweled on the market! by User Reviews.

    The elimination of the classic games, playable is very high.

    Games has 34 kinds quest, 20...
    Разработчик: WUZLA

    Mega Mall Story

    --Kairo News: "Venture Towns" released--
    Design a towering mall of mega proportions! Attract droves of customers and elevate yourself to 5-star status in this mall management simulation game!

    Add anything from fast food joints to sushi restaur...
    Разработчик: Kairosoft Co.,Ltd

    Aces Jewel Hunt

    Capture jewels with this gem swapping game! Line up matching jewels to capture them, or if you're stuck use a special like the spear or vine. Aces Jewel Hunt includes three game types for tons of fun! Improve your speed with the Timed and Quick Chall...
    Разработчик: Concrete Software, Inc.