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Calendar Converter на Android iPhone/iPad

Разработчик приложения Calendar Converter: R?my Pialat

The universal calendar converter

Calendar Converter will allow you to convert dates between different calendars. These calendars are Gregorian, Julian, French Republican, Muslim and Hebrew calendars.

You can enter a date for one of these calendars and the date will then automatically be converted into the other calendars. There are buttons to navigate through the dates : increment and decrement, return to today's date.

You can choose the calendars to display. The calendar type display is cutomizable : icon and/or calendar name.

4 widgets are available to display mono or multi calendars. There are 2 sizes : 4x1 and 2x1. So you can display on your home page the calendars you want to see.

Free version differs from full version for the following items :
- only 2 calendars can be displayed at a time in the free version.
- widgets have a message to encourage customers to buy the full version.

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Calendar Converter Calendar Converter Calendar Converter Calendar Converter Calendar Converter Calendar Converter

Calendar Converter: дополнительная информация

  • Дата первого импорта: 2012-03-23 12:20:28
  • Изначально импортировано для: android

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