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iBeer на Android

Разработчик приложения iBeer: HOTTRIX

Drink beer on your phone!
Sensational liquid, foam, bubbles, burp
"Best app" CNN

Drink beer on your phone! Finally on Android!
From Hottrix, inventors of iBeer for iPhone, comes the award-winning comedy trick seen on TV.

? perfect liquid simulation
? tilt to drink
? shake for foam & extra bubbles
? fake-break your screen
? 5 different drinks & burp

So realistic it'll fool a bartender!

SAVE $1.00
Get it at your local 7-Eleven via at ibeer711.com or http://www.hottrix.com

If your iBeer needs more love (cause it acts weird on your specific Android device because a huge cellphone corporation sold you a crap phone) we'll refund your money!

HTC: 1-866-449-8358
Samsung: 1-888-987-4357
Motorola: 1-800-734-5870

For refunds email guarantee@hottrix.com

? Also try our new iBeer Live Wallpaper. It turns your screen's background into an aquarium of beer, bubbles, and frothy foam. Right behind your other app buttons and even on your locked screen. It never spills or drains! Hypnotic!

Shameless Plug:
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  • Дата первого импорта: 2012-03-23 12:20:28
  • Изначально импортировано для: android

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