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Список игр и приложения iOS/Android категории Путешествия .

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  • ADAC ParkInfo

    Freien Parkplatz suchen und finden - ab sofort mobil mit der neuen ADAC ParkInfo App leicht gemacht.

    ADAC ParkInfo bietet eine nahezu vollst?ndige fl?chendeckende ?bersicht ?ber die Parkeinrichtungen (Parkpl?tze, Parkh?user sowie P+R Anlagen) in D...
    Разработчик: www.ilogs.com


    New features and more attractive design for even greater flexibility and convenience when planning your travel with Lufthansa.

    Everything in one app: booking, timetable, flight status, check-in and more. Also benefit from quick access to your pe...
    Разработчик: Deutsche Lufthansa AG

    Belgrade Manual

    Belgrade(in Serbia) Manual is an application that supplies Belgrade city map,subway map,tour guide,hotel information,phone directory,useful local language and food information.If you visit Belgrade or live in Belgrade,it will be the necessary applica...
    Разработчик: macrender


    Find Great Architecture!

    Created by architects, "Buildings" gives tourists and architecture enthusiasts a mobile encyclopedia of more than 40,000 buildings across the globe to discover at their fingertips, complete with expert commentary and insigh...
    Разработчик: OpenBuildings Inc

    Metro Lisbon

    Find information about the Metro Railway system in Lisbon. You can find Lisbon Metro map, Lines, Stations and City info with ease. Once installed this App can provide you useful information stored locally on your device. Using GPS the route from curr...
    Разработчик: Nano Nino

    Auto Europe

    Auto Europe обеспечивает наилучшее сочетание обслуживание и цена при аренде автомобиля с нами. У нас есть более 8000 мест по аренде автомобилей в более чем 130 странах по всему миру и поможет Вам со всеми вашими потребностями аренды автомобиля. Прило...
    Разработчик: Auto Europe

    Trip Journal

    Record your trips and share them with your friends on Facebook, Earth and more.

    Are you a passionate traveler, ready to set off on your next travel adventure? Trip Journal is the ultimate travel app(winner of Android Development Challenge) to track...
    Разработчик: iQapps

    Stau Mobil

    Stau Mobil, der ideale Begleiter f?r jede Autofahrt

    Mit Stau Mobil l?sst sich Ihre Reiseroute optimal planen.Basierend auf den verl?sslichen Daten des ADAC zeigt die App stets die aktuellsten Verkehrsinformationen auf Autobahnen und Bundestra?en an...
    Разработчик: Netbiscuits GmbH


    This altimeter shows the altitude of your current position (from GPS and NASA).

    This altimeter delivers the altitude of your current position either from the device (GPS) or from the ASTER digital elevation model (with a horizontal accuracy of 30m)...
    Разработчик: SpeedyMarks

    Talk French

    +++ Get your personal Bhuio language collection! Search for "bhuio" in the Android Market +++

    Save time and money by focusing on intelligently preselected phrases. Most Apps or classes try to teach you 1000s of words you will never need. This App s...
    Разработчик: Bhuio.com